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Sending out Information

The last month has really been a blur. In addition to getting information about the trip into a format that can be shared, I have also started my second semester of nursing school. This has really caused me to change my focus from the women to my studies, but I have not forgotten them or […]

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Sep 25th, 2008 Updates

New Photos

I received a CD with Tammy’s pictures from the trip this weekend. I have successfully uploaded the photos to the computer, but I’m afraid studying and getting some business things in order has to be done before the photos can be added to the blog. So stay tuned, I should have them uploaded before the […]

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One of the things we needed to pay attention to with this trip is the amount of money it actually costs to do this. We had no idea how much money to budget, how much things cost or what types of bills we would need to pay. Thanks to the smart planning of my husband, […]

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All was well with the world of airline travel until we attempted to leave Dulles airport. Tammy was scheduled to leave first, just a few hours after we arrived. I had a seat on a 5 o’clock flight, and opted to go stand-by on one that left a few hours earlier. We had a quick […]

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Back Home

Tammy and I have been back home for a couple weeks now. That first week back was super busy; my sister was visiting and Tammy had two sons heading off to college. The second week allowed us a little rest as we moved back to the swing of daily life. But there were still odds […]

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