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Oct 17th, 2008 Updates

I received an email from Flory last week. Amina (Bujumbura, Burundi), Georgette (Nayngezi, DR Congo) and Akayesu (Kigali, Rwanda) were able to meet to discuss how things are going.

Things move much slower in Central Africa than they do in the US. In the two months since I left, there was very little progress among the trained midwives. There were no reports of any woman receiving care, and they sent no information about the process of getting into the clinics.

The last thing I did before I left Burundi was design some forms the women could use to keep track of the care they give. This allows them to see what they are doing and will give us solid date to make decisions from. Because of the distances, only Flory in Bujumbura had a copy of the forms. He made copies for the women and gave them to Georgette and Akayesu to distribute to the women in their area.

I will have to wait a few more weeks or months to find out what other help the women need to actually get started.

There was no update from the deep forest. We simply need to wait for someone (probably a pastor) to come to one of the closer towns and bring back word – it will then make its way back to us.

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