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Teaching in Multiple Languages

I was really curious how the teaching would go, knowing the women who were coming would be from at least three different countries. As it turned out we had women speaking four languages attend, but most of them knew at least Swahili. The funniest day was Sunday, when Flory hosted a church service for the […]

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Birth in a Clinic

One of our saddest realizations was that the clinic, despite its best intentions, could do very little for the people of the community. There is no way to contact the doctors after they leave the clinic for the night, so birth emergencies may be better off happening at home except there is one nurse in […]

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Inside the House

Tammy had enough foresight to take photos inside the places we stayed. I thought I would add these shots because they really display the cultural shock that met us on our journey. Do you remember the views from the house we stayed in while spending the night in Bukavu? The house is in this photos, […]

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Tammy’s Photos and the Latest News

As promised, I am actually sitting down and going through Tammy’s photos to get them on the Blog. It just happens to be a few months later than I had hoped to have time to complete it. It was strange to sort through pictures today, it brought up so many memories and almost made it […]

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Jan 12th, 2009 Updates