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Climb Every Mountain

I just realized I should show you this photo of a path up the mountain. Yes, what you are looking at is a path. If you fallow this path up the hill and around a shallow ravine you will pass two or three houses (one being a store) and come to the local government school. […]

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Food for a Day

What you see is food. Black beans (the traditional bean in Guatemala) and corn meal that can be made into a type of cereal. Twice on this trip we purchased and distributed food to rural mountain families. This caused great internal conflict for me. According to the World Bank, 18% of Guatemala’s children under age […]

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The Economy of Coffee

I have only recently become a coffee drinker. It was part an aversion to bitter flavors and part the superior feeling I got from being the only person I knew who didn’t need a cup a day. I learned how to drink the stuff this past spring, and am actually at a point that I […]

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Guatemala Facts

Welcome to Guatemala! OK, so actually I’ve been home for nearly two weeks. I needed time to recuperate from the hectic schedule I created for myself. But I am ready to share the stories and photos now, so lets begin with some basic facts about the country of Guatemala. If you are geographically challenged, Guatemala […]

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