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First Day of School

I’m writing during a break in my first day of school.  So far so good.  I’ve completed the pre-readings for the nursing school and so am not starting behind, which makes a big difference. Not as good on the public health front.  Doing the dual program has challenges, and one of them is that I […]

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Mother on Mother Violence

I had a very interesting conversation with a fellow student this past weekend about the causes of problems in maternal health around the world.  As we discussed this, I shared my concern that there was a general lack of respect for women in many parts of our world.  She stopped me there and challenged my […]

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Midwife on Midwife Violence

My first experience with midwife on midwife violence was when I was training as a childbirth educator.  The program I chose considered themselves the best and had no problem sharing that fact. I was young and nieve in the ways of birth, I believed everything they told me about how bad other programs were. I […]

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Aug 30th, 2010 Training

Reading Room

Saturday Morning, time to catch up on your reading.  Here are some good reads from this week: The Navelgazing Midwife shares the proper technique for obtaining the correct blood pressure for obese clients. Public Health Doula dives into a new public health campaign to combat the common problems that cause Los Dos for ethnic Mexican woman. New research […]

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What is a Midwife? Part Three

We have looked at the accepted definition of a midwife, and we have looked at the philosophy that rejects that definition.  I want to finish this series by introducing you to the way I will be using the term midwife on this blog.  The concept has been born in me through conversations with many women I […]

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Aug 27th, 2010 Paths

The Violence Continues

I saw a series of articles from the NYT today. Warning, there are no photographs, but the articles deal with mass rapes. Here is the first, from earlier this week: And the second from today: War and violence have been such a part of the lives of families in this part of the […]

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Film about Birth in Tanzania

Check out this video from the White Ribbon Alliance about birth in Tanzania. If that doesn’t work, follow this link:

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What is a Midwife? Part Two

If you did your homework yesterday, you now know what laws regulate midwifery where you live or where you hope to practice as a midwife. You may have discovered it is not as difficult as you anticipated, or you may have discovered becoming a midwife will take you more years than you wish to devote […]

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Aug 26th, 2010 Paths

Starting School and Blog Updates

Did you notice I moved the blog?  It shouldn’t be too big a deal, it was simply to make it easier to manage all the work I do now that school is starting –which is the exciting news I might add.  But now I need to do some clean up, because using the other system […]

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What is a Midwife?

The first topic to explore is the meaning of the word “midwife.”  What does it mean to be called to midwifery? We could take the internationally accepted definition from the International Confederation of Midwives: A midwife is a person who, having been regularly admitted to a midwifery educational programme, duly recognised in the country in […]

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Aug 25th, 2010 Paths

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