I’m writing during a break in my first day of school.  So far so good.  I’ve completed the pre-readings for the nursing school and so am not starting behind, which makes a big difference. Not as good on the public health front.  Doing the dual program has challenges, and one of them is that I am not considered a student in the Public Health School until my second year.  This is an administrative designation to keep track of the money for school, it has nothing to do with what actually happens.  Because to make it through both programs in a timely manner, I will beRead More →

I had a very interesting conversation with a fellow student this past weekend about the causes of problems in maternal health around the world.  As we discussed this, I shared my concern that there was a general lack of respect for women in many parts of our world.  She stopped me there and challenged my thinking. “It isn’t really a lack of respect for women, because women do this to themselves. It is deeper than just a lack of respect.” I agreed.  We had discussed the issues of female family members in Chad hitting a laboring mother if she expressed pain because it meant sheRead More →