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Obesity and a Healthy Lifestyle

Earlier this week I shared that the trusted wisdom of eat less and exercise isn’t always the answer.  Today I want to share some socio-cultural reasons why weight loss may be harder for some women than others.  This socio-cultural factor is poverty. An interesting thing happens in poor urban neighborhoods, companies don’t build stores there. […]

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Obesity and Mental Health

What if the problem was not that a woman overate? What if a woman overate (and became obese) because she had another problem? If you remember one thing about people, remember this: There is always a good reason for the things people do. In nearly every case the person believed they were making a good decision. This […]

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Stress, Obesity, Infertility

One of the most interesting things I learned had to do with the effects of exercise and stress on obesity.  Quick endocrine lesson for you, when the body is under stress it secretes a hormone called cortisol. This signals the body to make a few changes  that basically puts your body in a hypothyroid state. […]

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Obesity and Reproduction

I tried to post interesting tidbits from the Obesity and Reproduction conference on Twitter last week.  It worked great until I ran out of phone battery.  So I promised to share some of the more interesting things I learned here. The biggest take-away message for me was the importance of treating each client as an […]

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Birth Grading Rubric

If you’ve ever been in school you probably have seen a grading rubric.  It is the list of things that must be included in your paper and how many points are possible to receive for each item. I’ve become quite fond of them, because they let me know exactly what the professor expects from me. Today I […]

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More Resources for Global Midwifery

I realize that not every midwife is interested in epidemiology. So I thought I would balance yesterday’s resource with a more practical, clinical resource. It is the Hesperian Foundation’s Book for Midwives. Even if you never plan to work in a developing country, this book is worth reading twice. What I find most appealing about […]

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Resources for Global Midwifery

For those of you interested in global midwifery, I am excited to share a resource I just discovered (well, discovered when my professor showed us during a lecture at any rate). It is the website of the Disease Control Priorities Project, and you can see it at What can you gain from getting familiar […]

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Learning Something New

I read an idea that seemed too good not to share.  The blogger decided to learn something new each month, you can read a about her experiment here: I have a bit of a fondness for this type of life-education.  In fact, I practice it myself.  I have learned everything from cooking styles across the globe […]

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Sep 21st, 2010 Training

Practice What You Teach…

About six months after I started teaching natural childbirth I noticed something wrong with my life…I wasn’t exactly living the way I was teaching my families to live.  Yes, I paid some attention to eating healthy and I would exercise from time to time. But my life definitely did not reflect what I was telling others to […]

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Choosing a Training, pt. 4

When my husband and I made the decision that I would train as a childbirth educator in 1999, it was a gut decision.  I loved birth and I knew I wanted to work with expectant families. We figured it would be a great way for me to make a little extra money while staying home […]

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Sep 17th, 2010 Training

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