It is Saturday Morning, time to sleep in and spend too much time catching up on some reading.  Since I’ve been talking about prenatal care I wanted to find some interesting things about caring for families before the baby is born. The Mantra is early prenantal care and the best care of course begins before you are pregnant.  Even ACOG insists a woman begin prenatal care as soon as she knows she is pregnant. So this makes a new study showing that obstetrician offices themselves do not schedule a first prenatal visit until the woman is in or almost in the second trimester rather interesting.  What isRead More →

I had contacted Flory to ask about the safety of the midwives and the women in Nayngezi and Uvira, and to begin discussion about having him speak at a conference on public health in armed conflict happening at my school.  I received a reply from him this afternoon.  Here is his letter: Greetings in Jesus Name, Thank you for continuing to be ambassador of women and children of our country. It is a nice topic to discuss and would really like to be there. Rape and violence have been used as weapons of war and Conflicts in DR Congo since 1996. Women and children are the targetedRead More →