I’ve been mulling over a few things in my head, most namely how a midwife can and should handle “risks” with her clients. This topic always brings out the advocate in me.  I was well-trained to believe doctors handle care based on risk, and risk is based in fear.  Fear based practice is bad for mothers and babies because it leads to unnecessary intervention.  Yeah, I totally get that.  And yet somehow that alone is not enough to make me believe the best midwifery does nothing. Because doing nothing can be equally bad for mothers and babies. Before you decide I’ve joined the dark side,Read More →

I thought I better clarify something I said yesterday.  I am NOT bad with money, and I do a good job of making sure my business does not lose money for my family. But I do not do a good job of keeping the accounting software I have up to date. I could, accounting software is really easy to navigate once you have it set up. It would take less than 10 minutes to make sure a transaction was entered correctly, and then I could get any information I wanted about what books are selling at the touch of a button. But really, that doesn’tRead More →

Over the last few days I have been crocheting a blanket my son and I started last winter. Just a small baby blanket made from yarn he picked out himself. It had been stuffed in a bag, set aside because school and moving and family life made me too busy to finish it. But I found it this week, and the blanket is progressing beautifully. And then it started to dawn on me, I haven’t scrapbooked a page since I started nursing school.  No need really, I have barely taken my camera out to snap some shots anyway.  I haven’t read a book other theRead More →

My sister is having a baby soon.  We both agree she needs a baby sling, but which one? It needed to fit her personality, be easy enough to use and be acceptable for her husband to use as well.  And really, there are so many choices.  Were do we begin? We began by deciding any mass produced or marketed sling wouldn’t do.  Her sling needed to display her personality.  So we jumped on the phone (we live 1000 miles apart) and searched online for the perfect fabric. It is soft, colorful and has images of the members of the Beatles throughout. You see, my sister adores theRead More →

Most dietary guidelines are very generic, but the Higgins Intervention Method has specific plans for meeting the special requirements of mothers with different nutritional needs. I like the ability this method gives to really personalize the recommendations and the ability it gives me to quantify the nutritional needs rather than just saying “eat more”. If you are working with a pregnant teen, she needs more than the standard prenatal calories and protein.  This is because her body is still growing, and she needs to eat enough to support both her growth and the growth of her baby. So you would need to add the 300 additional calories a dayRead More →

Vitamins and minerals are referred to as micronutrients.  They do not contribute calories to the diet, but do play an important role in cellular function.  Remember cells?  They make up your entire body and are responsible for your body being able to stay healthy. I personally have never been a fan of vitamin and mineral supplementation.  I am a purist in that I believe the diet should be adjusted before a pill is taken. But I do understand there are limits to what a woman is able to eat from time to time. Allow me to use myself as an example. Over the last two months sinceRead More →

If you have done any work with pregnant women, you have probably seen that how a person eats is a VERY personal matter.  Families who seek advice and information on nearly every other topic can seem to drift off into space if you start talking nutrition. So, how do you help a woman get optimum nutrition? That will depend on the woman.  But here are some questions to think about as you formulate a plan. 1. Is the woman ready to learn? Is she interested in what you have to say and trust the information you give her?  Is she open to making dietary changes and learningRead More →

Have you seen the latest weight gain recommendations from the IOM?  They are the same except an increase for the highest BMI levels. Low BMI gain 28-40 pounds; Normal BMI gain 25-35 pounds; High BMI gain 15-25 pounds and Obese BMI gain 11-20 pounds. I personally am a fan of increasing the weight gain for obese individuals.  I’ve always been frustrated that to ensure the recommended weight gain it meant an obese woman actually losing weight during pregnancy (when you adjust for the growth of the baby and the placenta). I prefer to focus on what a woman eats, and if her nutrition is appropriate thanRead More →

When it comes to pregnancy nutrition, there seem to be two types of people. Those who feel it is of the utmost importance, and those who feel it doesn’t matter. Want to know which side of that fence I am on?  Here is some information straight out of Varney’s Midwifery  to help you figure that out. Low birth weight babies, whether they are small for gestational age or premature, have increased rates of perinatal mortality, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, visual and hearing defects, neurological defects and poor infant growth and development. Factors that influence birth weight are: maternal disease, smoking, gestational age andRead More →

This is another recycled post from the accidentally deleted blog.  I wanted to re-share it because I think it is very important to really think about the messages you send and why you are sending them. I have quite a few birth-interested Facebook friends, so I see quite a few articles on my newsfeed.  Often I see the same article several times throughout the day as the article makes the rounds. Usually these are articles that are encouraging, uplifting or are seen as more support for the poster’s positions.  More often, articles are posted out of anger, frustration or the desire to punish the authorRead More →