I hope that by now you have your website, a Facebook account and a Twitter account, and anyone who finds one should be able to find the others because you have linked them.  Now the question is, how do you get people signed up for them? First, be sure to include the information about your services on all your print materials. This ensures everyone you meet has access. Keep your business cards with you so you are always ready to share no matter where you meet someone. Secondly, be sure to add your website to any listings.  Start with the Natural Childbirth Directory and thenRead More →

Twitter is fast and easy, but just like Facebook it can quickly become overwhelming. Just like Facebook, it can be difficult to manage a Twitter account that blends family and business. I’m just starting with Twitter, but I do see some potential for its use in your birth business. The big difference with Twitter is that others choose to follow you, and you choose to follow others.  The selection does not have to be mutual.  This means people can see what you’ve posted, and you never have to see what they post.  But that would really go against the whole point of social networking, whichRead More →

This is a repost from the old “opps I deleted everything” blog.  Hope it helps you create a Facebook presence that works for you. I have quite a few Facebook relationships with birth activists, doulas, childbirth educators, midwives and the like.  Some of them, in my opinion, handle the strange linking of business and pleasure well.  Others seem to struggle. I’ve had friends who receive not so friendly messages and posts from other Facebook friends who either disagree with statements or links, or simply do not appreciate the frequent reminders that natural birth is best.  When this happens, if you are lucky, you are ignoredRead More →

I thought I might spend a bit of time this week talking about marketing skills.  So marketing 101 – there are two ways to get a customer/client.  You can either make someone you meet want what you have to sell.  Or you can help someone who wants the product you sell find you.  I am sure there are a myriad of theories that go into how to do each of those best, but that is as far as we will get into marketing theory. Instead, lets chat about your website.  Why?  A website is an inexpensive way to help the people who want what youRead More →