I have been forgetting to tell the blog to accept posts from my phone. But I have it set up now and this can make it easier to keep everything updated. Well, except I hate typing on a phone. “my phone will take dictation. but it seems I have to go back and change the punctuation, figures.Read More →

I’m preparing to drive to the birth center for some clinical days.  It is a four hour drive and I hate to lose the time.  During the semester, I read my text books into my phone or ipod voice recorder and listen to the chapters several times.  But four straight hours of re-reading chapters can get boring.  So I also get some lectures from iTunes U. If you know me at all, you know my overall dislike for iTunes. But iTunes U is one part that prevents me from ditching my iPod. I will warn you, to gain access to it you will need toRead More →