I’ve just realized that over two weeks ago my husband and I had planned to mark out our travel calendar for the year; but we haven’t actually found the time to sit down and compare.  Google calendar to the rescue – all travel plans are put in there so I can see what he knows about already. So I wanted to discuss calendars again and be sure you took the time to map out your year.  Do you know what conferences you want to attend and when?  If you do not know what is available, check the conferences page at the Birthing Naturally website –Read More →

I have been forgetting to tell the blog to accept posts from my phone. But I have it set up now and this can make it easier to keep everything updated. Well, except I hate typing on a phone. “my phone will take dictation. but it seems I have to go back and change the punctuation, figures.Read More →

I’m preparing to drive to the birth center for some clinical days.  It is a four hour drive and I hate to lose the time.  During the semester, I read my text books into my phone or ipod voice recorder and listen to the chapters several times.  But four straight hours of re-reading chapters can get boring.  So I also get some lectures from iTunes U. If you know me at all, you know my overall dislike for iTunes. But iTunes U is one part that prevents me from ditching my iPod. I will warn you, to gain access to it you will need toRead More →

I slept, amazingly, for nearly ten hours straight last night.  I also had the unusual experience of having a dream.  I don’t dream much anymore – I blame it on the short sleep hours I keep.  But I tell you this because it demonstrates what I was explaining yesterday – to manage all my work I skimp on sleep. I would challenge myself to make adequate sleep a goal this year, but I am too familiar with my class schedule to believe I could be successful until the summer. However, I do intend to make better use (better being defined by marking more items off my toRead More →

I wisely signed up for a class being held the week before school starts.  Two credits towards my MPH in 5 days on a topic I find interesting, bring it on. As I finished up my last minute projects on Friday I wished for one more day to feel ready before school started.  It seems my wish was granted.  Winter weather has closed down the town, and my school.  All work is being completed via email. What did I do with my extra day today?  I ignored my to do list by playing and reading with the kids, baking muffins and shopping online. I am shockedRead More →