One of the arguments my teachers gave for the superiority of the BSN over a two year program was the way a liberal arts education gives you a well-rounded perspective of health and life. She explained the exposure to many ideas would allow us to better communicate with the wide variety of individuals who would eventually find themselves under our care. I’m not a person who would call any education “wasted.” But I am a person who can think of time or money wasted. Which is why I am glad statistics demonstrate that BSN nurses do provide better outcomes.  I doubt it is because BSN’sRead More →

I took advantage of a wonderful opportunity to dine with three midwifery leaders in my community. The conversation was to be about leadership, and was intended to inspire those of us earlier in the journey. As a doula I was aware of the problems that occur throughout the birth world.  I did know about enmity between CPMs and CNMs.  I was aware of problems CNMs face as they negotiate a system that often does not want them. But as a doula, most of my time was spent with clients.  When I saw the midwives things were pretty good.  Any background undermining of the midwifery model of careRead More →

I just submitted my final paper for the community transformation class that was iced out over winter break.  Although I had been exposed to some of the Frier principles previously, I have to admit the class was a great way to experience the method and principles at work.  I had no idea there was an actual “method” to follow. I am still “stuck” in Atlanta for at least the next two years while I finish my midwifery training, but I’ve decided to keep my community transformation skills sharp by sharing what I have learned.  So this summer I will be working with a group ofRead More →

If you are planning to license or certify as a midwife, you will need to have “caught” a certain number of babies to qualify. I’ve seen this be a frustration to many of my friends, and now it is a frustration I have the privilege to share. In my program, I will need to catch 40 babies to graduate.  The labor management doesn’t count, only the catches.  So if I spend all day with a client and have to leave for class and miss the actual birth, that doesn’t count.  But if I walk in with thirty minutes of pushing left and catch that counts. Overall I thinkRead More →

I’ve had my first “traumatic” experience.  One of the clients I worked with was having difficulty managing her blood pressure and it of course spiked into dangerous territory. I knew this was a possibility, I knew it happened to some women.  But until recently, I never personally knew anyone it had happened to. Before nursing school, I sort of understood blood pressure was a measure of overall health. I didn’t really know what it meant or why it was important.  I just knew if it wasn’t good you would be told to stop adding salt to your food. Some would say nursing school has madeRead More →