I just submitted my final paper for the community transformation class that was iced out over winter break.  Although I had been exposed to some of the Frier principles previously, I have to admit the class was a great way to experience the method and principles at work.  I had no idea there was an actual “method” to follow. I am still “stuck” in Atlanta for at least the next two years while I finish my midwifery training, but I’ve decided to keep my community transformation skills sharp by sharing what I have learned.  So this summer I will be working with a group ofRead More →

If you are planning to license or certify as a midwife, you will need to have “caught” a certain number of babies to qualify. I’ve seen this be a frustration to many of my friends, and now it is a frustration I have the privilege to share. In my program, I will need to catch 40 babies to graduate.  The labor management doesn’t count, only the catches.  So if I spend all day with a client and have to leave for class and miss the actual birth, that doesn’t count.  But if I walk in with thirty minutes of pushing left and catch that counts. Overall I thinkRead More →