The summer project is completed and I am finally home. It feels good to be in my own surroundings. It feels good to not be surrounded by people all day. It feels good not to have exhausting hours. It feels good not to have to rethink what I am saying in Spanish or to struggle through exams with a translator. But now I must return to my regular life of studying and paper writing, which can be equally difficult. Two papers I will write today are reflections on the experience. The instructors assign us a topic or a question, and we write about that topicRead More →

My midwifery program has a strong social justice bent. Because of this, service-learning is built into the curriculum in many ways.  This summer I am working with migrant farm workers through a farm worker health clinic. We do general well-child checks with the children at a summer school program during the day an in the evenings we travel to “camps” to provide care for the men (and the occasional woman). Yes, this is an exhausting experience. And yes, it is hard to be prepared for a midterm immediately when we return. But what I am learning is priceless. You see, I have only a basicRead More →

At the ACNM Annual Conference I attended a workshop entitled Helping Babies Breathe.  It turned out to be a trainer training for a program from the American Academy of Pediatrics on a basic neonatal resuscitation program. This is not the Neonatal Resuscitation used in developed countries.  This is an evidence based program designed to be implemented in resource poor areas. It was created to train birth workers in a simple procedure to ensure newborns have the best chance of surviving the first minutes after birth. How important is this? The World Health Organization estimates newborn asphyxia (not breathing at birth) is responsible for 813,562 neonatal deathsRead More →