Sent my passport out for my visa yesterday, and today was travel health day.  I ducked out of class early to ensure my shots were up to date and grab a prescription for malaria prevention. Struck me as funny that I received a Hepatitis A vaccine just a few hours before our lecture on hepatitis for family practice.  Coincidence? I’ll try to get some information from Tammy to let you know more about this trip.Read More →

Midwives are protectors of the perineum, even as students.  I have to admit, the few times I’ve found tearing I’ve cringed. It means I didn’t keep a mother intact, and my goal is to keep the mother intact. Which means I don’t have much experience with suturing – but I still need to learn the skill. But it turns out learning to suture is more than learning about how to hold the needle.  It means I need to be able to identify what tissue needs repair, and what the best way to handle that repair would be.  With the limited experience I get, I needRead More →