This weekend is a bit of a rush for me.  I am on call at the birth center and trying to finish my projects for school.  I have just over a week before we leave for Nairobi – two weeks of classes and I will need to take all my finals early. All my papers need to be completed early. All my presentations need to be completed early. Unfortunately, I cannot keep my focus on papers.  My husband and children will be returning from their “epic journey” in just a few days.  All my attention is on them.  I cannot keep them out of myRead More →

One of the reasons I am often given for why a would-be midwife puts off her training is money. Truth is, it can be very expensive to be a student. I remember how unreasonable the costs seemed when I first became certified as a childbirth educator. I needed to buy about 5 books, pay for a membership and certification fees and of course attend a seminar that meant travel and hotel expenses. The total cost, because I went with a more expensive program, was about $2000. It took me the better part of 2 years of teaching childbirth classes to make the money back forRead More →