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Hospital Visit

Today we visited the labor and delivery floors at a private hospital with a midwife. You can view all the photos if you like. Did you notice I say the L&D floors – as in plural?  The private hospital has two pay levels for birth.  You can have a private room or a semi-private.  A […]

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The Doula Movement

We have been able to spend a bit of time over the last few days with a doula right here in Nairobi. She is an American who has lived in Kenya for over ten years. The conversation has been both entertaining and enlightening. It seems the doulas of Nairobi have the impression that the doula […]

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Baggage has arrived

We spent Sunday morning at a local Masai market–a staple for visitors to Nairobi, lunched with a new friend and then headed to the airport. One of our bags had been left behind in Amsterdam, and our efforts to contact the airline to locate the bag had been fruitless. At the advice of a friend, […]

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