We learned about Nairobi epidurals today. We laid one of the women on the floor and taped long strings of toilet paper to her to represent all the different things the mother must negotiate during labor. The epidural is still very new and so is met with skepticism from locals. Women are afraid to use one because they do not know about the side effects. They think it may make them go blind, or worse. So women avoid them. But at only about US$25, women are starting to take notice. Almost every international resident uses one at birth. Families share the fear of epidural, andRead More →

Today’s doula training focused on the problem of difficult births.  In the United States, doulas in training often think they have little to do if the mother has an epidural or if she is planning a cesarean surgery. The women in the Nairobi training began with the same belief. We took them through a few exercises to recognize the needs of the mother in those situations and watched as they changed their personal definition of a doula. We asked each of them to share a story of a difficult birth. An hour later the women were amazed at how their most difficult experiences were notRead More →

For those who want to see the photos of our Nairobi Training, follow these links: For day one: Day One Photos For day two: Day Two Photos For day three: Day Three Photos They are hosted at Google’s Picasa, so you need a gmail account to log in and then you can see them all.  Enjoy!  Read More →