We are counting the hours until a taxi comes to collect us.  Our bags are packed, and Tammy’s looks to be OK even as it bulges at the seams. I’m sure all my clothing will smell like the coffee beans packed under my dirty clothes when I return home Good thing I like that smell. At the end of the training, each doula made a wish for the women of Nairobi while placing a glass heart on a tray.  As we left, we each took one of the wish hearts to keep safe until next year.  I shared my wish, that no woman in NairobiRead More →

We were reminded today that to say most international residents of Nairobi have epidurals is unfair. Which made us realize how little we really shared about the hospital system of Nairobi. This gets confusing, but I’ll do my best. First – there really is no set price for hospitals. Public hospitals are subsidized so much more standard in price (I think, that is the impression I got), but private hospitals set a fee based on the level of service. So to be in a private room in a hospital (for example Aga Kahn where we visited) is significantly more expensive than to be in aRead More →

We began our last morning by visiting a local baby fair to see what is available for Nairobi families. We met one of the women from our training at the fair, she had already booked the booth and was advertising herself as a doula (and childbirth educator from her Lamaze training last year). We then stopped at a local book store to see what pregnancy and childbirth books were available to the women of Nairobi. Nearly everything we found was out of the UK. We took note of a few titles and will offer suggestions for suitable substitutes for the DONA reading list if necessary.Read More →