I was giving a great gift from a wonderful friend.  She has volunteered with MSF for the last few years and so had two copies of their publication Obstetrics in remote settings. Her second copy is now mine. Basically, this is the text they use to orient new workers to field obstetrics. It reminds me alot of Dr. Gregory White’s Emergency Birth, with the interesting additions of prenatal care, how to identify various infections, and postpartum care including kangaroo care for low birth weight.  It has simple explanations and simple drawings. It is not really on the level of the Hesperian Foundations books, it does rely a bitRead More →

A friend and colleague recently visited with the intention of discovering what pregnancy and childbirth books I think are important. I explained that I have given away most of my books already, and that what is left is not really consumer materials but midwifery level.  That was fine with her, she wanted to know what I books I will not part with.  Interesting.  Made me wonder if others might want to know what I consider to be key books to keep.  Here are the ones I picked out as my most recommended for her. Books by Gayle Peterson:  I love her philosophy of treating not only theRead More →

My children returned to school this past week, and I will begin my orientation to the school of public health this week.  August seems to early for fall, but what can I do. Already it seems too cool to swim in the evenings (we get spoiled by the warm weather of the summer so the mid – high 80s can feel cold for swimming). I am doing my best to be ready for school to begin. One of my challenges this year will be finding a field placement for next summer. It must be public health oriented, and I have a few rules. 1.  IRead More →