School Year Starts

School Year Starts

My children returned to school this past week, and I will begin my orientation to the school of public health this week.  August seems to early for fall, but what can I do. Already it seems too cool to swim in the evenings (we get spoiled by the warm weather of the summer so the mid – high 80s can feel cold for swimming). I am doing my best to be ready for school to begin.

One of my challenges this year will be finding a field placement for next summer. It must be public health oriented, and I have a few rules.

1.  I will not be separated from my family for the 8-10 weeks it will take to complete the 300 hours of work, so I need to be able to afford to move us all there for two to three months

2. Because my family will be with me, I need to feel relatively safe that my children will not be harmed by violence and crime.

3. It must be significantly “exotic” enough for my family to try out living outside the US, but not so “exotic” as to shock my family into never wanting to live outside the US again.

So those are my criteria.  As long as I can find an organization that will let me work on maternal and infant health — and fits those criteria — I’ll be happy.

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Jennifer Vanderlaan CNM MPH is the author of the website. She has been working with expectant families since 2000, training doulas, childbirth educators, and midwives. She has worked with midwives in Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her interest in public health grew in 2010, and she is now a PhD student learning to become a producer of knowledge.

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