Classes begin today.  This is my first semester in residence at the public health school which means in addition to the nursing courses I need to take to finish, I am taking a full course-load of public health.  I am also preparing for my thesis and my practicum.  So much to think about, but some of it is already under way. I have done some searching and really like an opportunity to work with a childbirth advocacy group in Honduras over the summer of 2012 for my practicum.  I’ll give more details if it all works out. I’ll ask for connections if it doesn’t. AsRead More →

The school of public health arranges a luncheon for all the dual degree candidates each fall.  It allows those of us from different programs to meet each other.  By far, the largest number of dual degree candidates is from the medical school (they have 26 this year), and most of them are in the epidemiology department.  But there are other candidates from the physician’s assistant school, business school, law school, last year I had a class with a dual degree from the school of theology and this year I meed a dual candidate from the physical therapy school. This year, there are 11 MSN/MPH candidates in residence in theRead More →