This is my first semester in residence at the school of public health.  All that means they are receiving my tuition money, because I still have a full course-load of midwifery classes in addition to the public health stuff.  So far the semester has been manageable, but I haven’t begun my clinical hours yet. Ask me again in a few weeks. My program director found a clinical site for me in an urban hospital with a large under served population. My family practice clinical site will be in a more rural area.  And if all goes as planned, I will do a few hours each week in anRead More →

I just received an email update from a woman I almost know–a social networking friend also involved in birth activities in Sub-Saharan Africa.  I had to laugh at the end of her email.  She never thought she would pursue a midwifery registration in her home country, but that is exactly what she is doing. Why laugh?  Because her story mirrors mine. My goal was never to be a midwife by vocation, but to improve the health of women in resource poor areas.  Yet here I am with a BSN and enrolled in a major university midwifery program. At the same time, I have friends whoRead More →