So last night I couldn’t sleep.  I have a few busy weeks coming up and my mind would not let go of all the work I need to do.  I hate nights like that, when I am so tired but my body will not fall asleep. Needless to say, I am finding it hard to find anything worthwhile to share today. I’ll just be doing finishing touches on projects and papers and preparing for tests. Not exciting, but it is my life. Time to unplug from the digital world and live in the real one.Read More →

Sometimes I think I must be really smart.  I understand so much, I have learned so much. Then, I have to prescribe a medication and I realize I’m not quite as brilliant as I would like to be. I wish I knew why medications were so hard for me, but I don’t.  There are just so many names, and they are so similar, and there is so much to remember about each medication.  It feels like I’ll never have a good grasp of this knowledge, so how could I ever provide good care to my clients. Then I wonder why I ever thought I couldRead More →

I went to a conference recently because I wanted to attend the session on food allergies.  I like conferences, but sometimes they can be too similar to school.  This one was no exception, but the review was good. Anyway, what I wanted to share was some amazing advice from the physician who shared about allergies.  They are changing the standards and the recommendations against staring allergy causing foods later.  Apparently the delayed introduction is not working to prevent allergies, so they say there is no reason to hold the foods back.  If a child is going to be allergic, they will be allergic. Second bigRead More →

Today’s spotlight is on Mercy & Truth Medical Missions. This organization provides short term international opportunities for practitioners and students, and is willing  to work with your school to provide you with credit for your time.  They also have domestic volunteer opportunities in the Kansas office.  Check them out.Read More →

I think sometimes I must be a glutton for punishment.  There can be no other explanation.  This summer, while assisting a friend at a doula training in Nairobi, we talked about the things we have done, and the things we plan to do.  As we talked I realized how important some things look on a resume–especially the right trainings when you are trying to work overseas. I had let my childbirth education certification lapse a long time ago.  Suddenly I see value in getting certified again. Why?  Because this summer I’ll be working in hospitals in Honduras. Being an RN from the USA helps get my footRead More →

I wanted to take a minute to share a frustration I have.  When my direct entry sisters criticize nurse midwifery because it does not follow the apprenticeship model, I’m not sure they understand how nurse-midwives are trained. Nursing education is not like medical education.  There is classroom content, and there is clinical content, but these are not separated. You learn new things through reading and class, and then you go out and do them with your preceptor.  Sometimes things line up beautifully, and other times it doesn’t. When it doesn’t line up you may end up spending hours researching things you are doing in clinical beforeRead More →