I’ve finally decided on a thesis topic, and it isn’t an “international” focus. But it is… let me explain. I will be looking at he birth to practitioner ratio it the USA, to see if there is a level of busy-ness that increases certain outcomes.  In other words, how many births can a doctor attend a year before we see problems.  Seems like a simple question, but has never really been answered here in the US.  Actually, I can find very little about it anywhere. I did a similar project while in my BSN program in New York.  There were counties where the birth toRead More →

This semester each student midwife will be creating their own 45 minute workshop on the topic of their choice.  There are two schools of thought on this.  One is to choose the topic you feel the most confident in, so you can create a fantastic workshop.  The other is to choose the topic you feel the least confident in and become an expert.  I went with the later and decided to do my workshop on menopause. Let me first state that I am not covering hormone replacement therapy.  A colleague has taken that large portion to create a workshop.  We are scheduled to present together on oneRead More →