Do you have a Twitter account?  I actually have two, one for personal use and one for business use.  I wasn’t sure I liked it for a while, but it is slowly proving its worth to me. For example, you can get updates and information from international organizations working to promote safe childbearing.  If you don’t want to take the time to search them, just visit my @birthingnatural profile and subscribe to my international list. Be forewarned, the accounts on that list tweet alot.Read More →

I’ve been reading Into These Hands for one of my midwifery classes so I thought I would share a little about it with you. The book is a collection of stories from a variety of midwives who have been involved in birth for over 20 years each.  They represent hospital, birth center and homebirth midwives. They represent DEMs, CPMs and CNMs.  They represent many ethnicities and work everywhere from rural areas to major urban centers. I’m personally not liking the book as much as I had expected.  I find some of the stories difficult to read due to writing styles and the repetitive nature of theRead More →