Memorizing Medications

Memorizing Medications

Sometimes I think I must be really smart.  I understand so much, I have learned so much. Then, I have to prescribe a medication and I realize I’m not quite as brilliant as I would like to be.

I wish I knew why medications were so hard for me, but I don’t.  There are just so many names, and they are so similar, and there is so much to remember about each medication.  It feels like I’ll never have a good grasp of this knowledge, so how could I ever provide good care to my clients. Then I wonder why I ever thought I could be a nurse, a nurse-midwife or a family nurse practitioner.

OK, pity party is over.  I know the only way to really learn them is to use the information.  It is hard, but I’ll get it…eventually.

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Jennifer Vanderlaan CNM MPH is the author of the website. She has been working with expectant families since 2000, training doulas, childbirth educators, and midwives. She has worked with midwives in Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her interest in public health grew in 2010, and she is now a PhD student learning to become a producer of knowledge.

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