Memorizing Medications

Oct 14th, 2011 Training

Sometimes I think I must be really smart.  I understand so much, I have learned so much. Then, I have to prescribe a medication and I realize I’m not quite as brilliant as I would like to be.

I wish I knew why medications were so hard for me, but I don’t.  There are just so many names, and they are so similar, and there is so much to remember about each medication.  It feels like I’ll never have a good grasp of this knowledge, so how could I ever provide good care to my clients. Then I wonder why I ever thought I could be a nurse, a nurse-midwife or a family nurse practitioner.

OK, pity party is over.  I know the only way to really learn them is to use the information.  It is hard, but I’ll get it…eventually.

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