I wanted to share something I learned about myself recently.  I love caring for HIV+ patients.  Actually, the patients I have been seeing have AIDS.  What is the difference?  A person is HIV+ when they are infected with the virus; a person is said to have AIDS when the virus has done enough damage to their immune system that they have less than 200 CD4 cells or have an opportunistic infection. This semester, I’ve been doing clinical hours at an HIV center caring for women living with AIDS.  I truly mean living.  The women I met had all been extremely sick at one point, butRead More →

My clinical time this semester has been at an HIV clinic.  I finished my last “official” day at the HIV clinic today.  I still have two optional days I plan to go, and I cannot believe how much I learned through this clinical.  I started thinking I just needed to get an understanding of what HIV care entailed.  But three months later, I have to admit I love it.  I love the complexity of the patient’s issues.  I love that visits are scheduled for half an hour to really allow time to deal with real problems.  I just don’t love how much I still feelRead More →

So some of you were wondering about my clay cervices.  I made them because I have/had a skill deficit in distinguishing between 5 and 6 cm; and between 6 and 7 cm.  For most of my training these distinctions did not matter.  But I am getting some training in a very medical based practice now where everyone gets epidurals because I need to understand how to keep mom and baby safe when mom chooses these options.  Because epidurals can tend to slow labor, I need to be able to tell if mom has made change. That being said, what midwife doesn’t want to perfect all her handsRead More →

A midwife is ONLY as good as her ability to assess what is really going on with the mother.  I am having fun today working on improving my assessment skills – both hands on and in multiple choice format (remember, I have my competency test coming up). I found a fabulous resource for all those novice midwives who want to build their skills slowly at home.  Why not use an online study module?  Here is a Labour and Delivery Care Module you can study from at your own pace, or use to supplement whatever course you are using. I’m spending time in study session twoRead More →

It’s nearly the end of the semester, and I am just about finished with the work I need to complete.  Well, complete for school this semester any way. I am just starting work on my practicum, and now that I have the tickets booked I can announce that this summer I will be working with Dar a Luz in Honduras. Off to do some more studying, but wanted to give you the link to Dar a Luz so you can start checking them out.Read More →

I almost feel like I should apologize to you, dear readers.  I have been somewhat absent for the last few months.  I confess to a terrible thing  – I took 22 credits this semester.  It wasn’t even because I had some need to take a bunch of classes to graduate on time.  I was simply interested in the material and figured I could handle it.  The good news is I did make it through alive and sane.  But to do that I had to let so many things go. My last class was today, but the semester will not end for me yet.  Just like last semester,Read More →