Dual Degrees and Final Finals

Dual Degrees and Final Finals

My last “midwifery” task is midwifery comps – the competency test required by my school for graduation from the midwifery program.  It is a good practice, giving students a chance to show all they have learned and review before taking boards.  So here is my dilemma, take the test before I leave for the summer when the information is still fresh, or take the test in the fall before I graduate so the review is good for taking boards.

Add into the mix that I left for the semester with only 34 births, meaning I still need to be the main midwife at 6 births to graduate. I remember my frustration with the final exam from last semester – which was the final for half the class and not for those of us completing the FNP with our CNM who still had a semester of births to attend.  Guess which group had the advantage?  And then there is the fact that at the time of the test I had been at a total of 6 hospital births.  Yep, just six and was expected to be able to chart about a major complication.  It wasn’t my best test by far. I didn’t want a repeat of that but this test was all multiple choice.

In the end I decided to take the test before I left.  It made for a very frantic few weeks with very little time to prepare for the Honduras trip.  But I passed the test with an 89 and will graduate with a 4.0 for my MSN.  I will still have to do clinical time in the fall to make up the last few births, but the course work is done.  I am hoping it will be easier to review it all after graduation when I need to take boards now that I have a good foundation.  We’ll see.



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