While I am in Honduras I will have the opportunity to work as a doula in some hospitals.  This will force me to improve my Spanish (which slowly forms in my head but rarely makes it out my mouth). I was searching for important terms to study when I came across this blog that gives you a month of midwife Spanish terms to learn.  How fun.  Enjoy!    Read More →

For those of you who think you might want to get into international work, remember to be flexible.  Case in point, I had a conference call with the leader of the organization I am volunteering with in Honduras today.  There is a slight change of plans in the work she wants me to do – nothing drastic but a change.  Seems she has forgotten about the bonding part and is hoping I can teach neonatal resuscitation in the hospitals and to all the midwife groups in every area.  Hmmm…I don’t think I communicated right about what the program was. But I am flexible and the equipment withRead More →