The paperwork is mailed so I suppose it is official.  My next trip will be to Tanzania, and it will be this fall.  For the geographically challenged, Tanzania is south of Kenya, but in the same general region as my other African travels.   I’m a bit overwhelmed with the quick turn around for this trip.  I was approached with the opportunity while in Honduras, and needed to submit some paperwork for my visa before returning home.  Luckily, my husband and children were safely back in the apartment and could make copies of my nursing license, certifications, coursework and other details needed to secure aRead More →

For the last two weeks, this has been keeping me in limbo: What you see is a laptop harddrive. The exact make and model of the harddrive that was once in my laptop and is once again in my laptop.  It’s what you can’t see that makes all the difference. The harddrive is the location of every bit of information on a computer.  Every powerpoint presentation I took notes on in class.  Every paper I wrote.  Every customer who bought books. Every piece of data for my theses, including the preliminary maps, every journal article and its review sheet and citation already entered into EndNote.Read More →