I wanted to share a photo of the maternity in one of the public hospitals in Honduras. As you can see, the layout is a bit different from any hospital in the United States.     In this hospital, the women labor together in one room. When the head is on the perineum they are moved to the expulsivo (through the door) where the baby will be born. There are some curtains for privacy, but they are not used in this hospital. Your first thought may be that this is terrible.  That poor quality care is the result to expect in a less wealthy country.  I want toRead More →

One thing that has always amazed me about working in the birth world, and life in general, is how much more I learn every year.  I have had the unique privilege of watching my knowledge expand through my website; as I understood more, I put more information up for others. I’m doing another set of updates to the website.  I have anticipated this for a while; after all, I do have four years of nursing classes worth of knowledge to integrate.  So here I am, updating the website–not even to the nursing school parts yet–and I have so much I want to add. I know more complementaryRead More →