I have been watching the unfolding of tension in central Africa since before my visit in 2008.  Reports of rebels attacking villages.  Allegations of government corruption. Growing tensions between neighboring countries. This morning I found this article in my inbox: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/09/03/us-burundi-rebellion-idUSBRE8820HP20120903 A group has officially declared war on Burundi. You may be accustomed to thinking about war in terms of the risk to soldiers, but my heart and fears immediately turn to the women and children who are caught in the midst of struggles for power.  Some migrate to “safer” parts of the country or to neighboring countries in an attempt to keep their families aliveRead More →

I don’t have a terrible memory, but I do struggle to memorize information.  My brain works better with systems than small bits.  This is a problem for many of the types of information one needs to be familiar with to be a midwife (or other birth worker). To help me memorize, I have started to use some digital flashcards.  I have found there is truth to the theory that repetition is the key to memorizing information.  So I make my flashcards and go through them over and over and over. I have two programs I have used, they work a bit differently and each has some advantages.Read More →