No photos?

No photos?

I was asked by several people to get lots of photos. I can’t feel good about doing that.

My first problem is that when I work with a woman, I can’t really communicate well with her. This means she can’t really give me permission to take her photo to share in this way.

My second problem is that it is almost impossible to take a photo in the hospital without getting patients in the picture. The women in the maternity wear only kongas, which ate tied loosely and lowered to breastfeed, or used as a bed cloth leaving the woman fully exposed. Either way, not a fair way to photograph the women.

My third problem is that when I am in the hospital, I an working. I hardly have time to do all the things I need to do, including charting on swahili forms. To stop and take photos would make me miss work.

But I will try to get some shots of the hospital to share. Key word is try.

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