The next piece of hypocrisy for me to tackle is the idea that my style of care is more evidence based than someone else’s idea of evidence based. I love the natural birth community for many things, evidence based care is not one of them. Much of what my community supports for birth is good, best quality care based on evidence. But often, with the next breath, I hear suggestions not based on evidence but on faith in natural health care. Some of this is not necessarily bad.  The way we learn is to try new things – things not yet supported by evidence.  ThenRead More →

I’ve come to accept that I lie to myself, even though I could never successfully lie to anyone else.  I’ve also come to accept this is a pretty normal human condition.  It seems we lie to ourselves more often than anyone else.  I lie about how much food I eat and how healthy it is.  I lie about how much time I waste. I lie about my motivations for the things I recommend. This week I want to spend  little time identifying some of the lies I’ve recognized in myself, in the hopes it helps you identify the lies you tell yourself. Why?  Because evenRead More →