I’m updating the directory this week, a very boring task involving staring at a computer screen and writing code…….yawn. But in the midst of these updates I do more research, look for more resources and find more information about midwifery in places I don’t live…like Canada. Here in the US, midwifery is regulated at the state level.  This means laws can be very different depending on where you live.  This is not a problem unique to the United States.  Canada’s midwifery laws are province specific and create equal havoc for Canadian families. Check out this summary of current midwifery laws. Not being Canadian, I don’tRead More →

I’m beginning the last segment of the website reconstruction – cleaning up the Natural Childbirth Directory.  This is a big task.  The directory has over 200 pages of information just about services available in the United States.  Every page has to be reformatted to the new look.  Every link has to be checked to ensure it still works.  And that is what I find interesting today. Having a list of useful links on a website is like shooting an arrow at a moving target. The internet is a dynamic information source, changing daily.  A link that was helpful last week may be “broken” this week.Read More →

I’ve been trying to be diligent at getting the website updates completed.  They must be completed before I begin classes again in the fall, or their importance will drop to the “don’t have time” category.  Ugh. It’s been an interesting journey to update the website. Some days I surprise myself with how thorough I had been.  I’ll make a list of things to “add” to the website, only to find in the midst of updating a section that I already added that five years ago! Some days I’m surprised with how messy the navigation had gotten.  The website “grew” organically from questions being received andRead More →