AWHONN Convention

Today was the opening of the AWHONN Annual Convention.  This is my first time at AWHONN, so I am curious about how they do things.  So far I have found the conversations easier to start than at the ICM Congress — but remember, these are all American Nurses so we have a commonality in training, role, and language that makes meeting new people easier.

I am glad I am at this conference.  To be honest, I feel like sometimes nurses get left out of maternal and child health discussion, especially in public health.  This is unfortunate.  Nurses are the largest group of health care professionals in the USA, and the initiatives that are making a difference in birth are coming out of nursing.  AWHONN’s The Full 40 Weeks is a great example.

I am still pouring through the information I gathered at ICM, and need to focus on learning what I can while I’m here.  But in a few weeks, after the Statistics Summer Series, I’ll come back to these conferences and share some of the great information I’m learning. In the mean time, head over to the AWHONN website and order yourself some of these great buttons.


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