Welcome to Birthing Naturally’s Midwife Mentor Blog.  It is my pleasure to share the resources and information with readers who have been called to birth. You see, I find many women feel the call to birth without really understanding how to follow that call.

  • For many, the call comes while pregnant or shortly after the birth of their child.  With a baby in arms, how can you pick up and join a midwifery school or be on call for labor support?
  • For many, the call comes while they have young children at home.  During this stage of life, how can you afford the books and materials to train as a midwife?
  • For many, the call comes while they are pursuing other interests.  How can you be sure you are called to dedicate your whole life to birth?
  • For many, the call comes amidst political and social change. How can you begin to train for a career that may not be a legal source of income for you?
  • For many, the call comes vaguely.  How do you know where you fit in the puzzle when all you know is that you want to work with expectant families?

Within the pages of this blog I hope to share with you the information I have slowly learned to understand.  The links, resources and posts are all created to help you discover your path to serving within the world of birth. No two women will be called the same way, each will be called to play her own unique part.  While one is called to provide home birth for the Amish, another is called to serve as a nurse in a clinic that serves the urban poor.  While one is called to train as a skilled birth attendant in a developing country, another is called to train as a surgeon in a tertiary medical center. Some are called to educate, some are called to lead, we are all called to serve. We all have a part to play in ensuring safe birth for all families in this world we share.

In the spirit of learning and growing together, I thank you for participating in this amazing journey.

Meet the Author

Jennifer Vanderlaan

Reading by the pool

My name is Jennifer Vanderlaan.  I have been serving expectant families since 1999, but I was called to birth in the late 1980′s watching documentaries about midwives.  While I was interested in birth as a teen, I never understood how to make birth a career.  So it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I began learning about all the options for working within the field of birth.

I quickly trained as a childbirth educator, expanded to doula services and did a lot of writing.  Eventually I began training childbirth educators and organizing volunteer doulas in my community.  Slowly I began participating in the larger birth community through conferences and networking.

In 2007 my focus shifted from the needs of birthing women in my country to the problems of the developing world. With this shift came a need for new skills, and I trained as a nurse and in the fall of 2010 began training as a family nurse midwife and working towards my Masters in Public Health. While I know this current path will take me to developing countries where I will start midwifery schools, I have no idea where the path will end.  It is an exciting journey, and I am amazed every day that this is my job.

Along the way I have collected a wide variety of resources that will prove helpful to anyone interested in serving expectant families.  It is my sincere hope that access to this information will make it easier to find your path and to begin fulfilling your calling.

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