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Infertility from Various Angles

I’ve decided to dig deeper into infertility for one of my class papers.  It is paper number three in a series of short essays on the mechanisms that lead to different health outcomes.  The previous two focused on disparities in cesarean and how stress doesn’t affect breastfeeding. The essays are limited to three pages in [...]

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Nov 11th, 2013 Research

The concept I tackled…”elective” induction

I hadn’t realized it had been a month since I shared about concepts.  I completed the assignment, and hopefully did a good job communicating what I found. As expected it was different, but not difficult, and very eye opening. I chose to look at the concept of “elective” as we use it to describe an [...]

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Are you measuring a concept?

Chances are you know what a concept is…something that represents something that isn’t physical.  Like “democracy” or “faith.” And chances are you could list a few concepts that relate to childbirth.  In case you are feeling lazy, I can list a few: natural childbirth continuous support elective induction woman-centered care I’m sure you get the [...]

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Social Causes for Cesarean?

One of the courses I am taking this semester is about determinants of health.  We look at things both within the individual, and within the environment, and how they interact to affect health. A very interesting topic, and very challenging to integrate the research on a topic into a three page essay. But integrate I [...]

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Electronic Learning Resources

I was cleaning out my inbox this morning and found some links to educational materials that can be helpful for midwives in training. Cardinal Movements How to Suture Correctly Perineal Repair Study Module Knot Tying More Knot Tying          

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Running Skirts and Giving Birth

I shared my excitement about ordering some new running skirts for my birthday with a colleague at work. She’s a runner, and her less than enthusiastic response was, “I’ve never understood why people like those.” As I reflected on her response, and the less than enthusiastic responses many women receive when they share their desire [...]

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Cleaning Advice

I was reflecting on the advice I often hear for pregnant women and housework.  There is nothing necessarily bad about doing housework while pregnant – no more than any other time – although pregnancy does cause some interesting challenges.  What I struggle with is that the advice is usually to have your partner pick up [...]

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Theory and Practice

The last few weeks I’ve had to do readings on nursing theory. You see, when you are going to become a professional researcher, you need to understand the framework of the discipline within which you intend to study. This gave me two thoughts to share with you. First, the reality of practice is that a [...]

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Sep 15th, 2013 Training

Systematic Review

At a conference I attended this weekend, one of the topics was the level of understanding needed to assess a study. The question went something like this: If a clinician doesn’t understand how research is conducted or if the statistical tests used are valid, can the clinician really assess the validity and usefulness to practice [...]

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Sep 10th, 2013 Research

So you want to be a researcher?

I am happy to say I have survived my first week of coursework. I am also happy to say that I am (so far) enjoying the coursework. I had fully expected the program to be rigorous – research can be difficult work.  I was not expecting the program to be so challenging to my understanding [...]

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