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Evidence Based Practice

Ready to improve your research skills in a way that will directly affect outcomes?  Learn how to evaluate your current protocols and guidelines with Duke University’s Introduction to Evidence Based Practice. It will take you about an hour to work through the tutorial, but the skills are well worth it.  

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Aug 28th, 2013 Research

The Nature of Pain

I’m doing some reading about research on methods to manage labor pain today, and reviewing an old study: Niven, C. and Gusbers, G. (1984). A Sudy of labour pain using the McGill Pain Questionnaire. Soc Sci Med, 19(12):1347-1351. Before I had even gotten to the meat of the study, the authors had my attention with [...]

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Aug 21st, 2013 Research

Lobbying for Midwives

The American College of Nurse Midwives has declared August Midwifery Lobby Month.  That means they want all members and supporters to talk to legislators about policies that improve access to midwifery care. One of the national bills they encourage support for is MOMS for the 21st Century. Take a look at the information and let [...]

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Why we need midwives in research

This article came across my inbox this morning: Yerks Research Center receives five-year, $9.5 million grant to study oxytocin. As you probably remember, I graduated from the public health and nurse midwifery programs at Emory in December, and am returning to Emory to begin work on a PhD in nursing in just two weeks.  I [...]

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Aug 13th, 2013 Research

Website Updated with Research

This summer I embarked on a project to update the website.  This would be only the second real redesign since its humble beginnings in 2000. I had updates style before, and added more articles.  But really the website simply grew by lumps and outcroppings the way a small house slowly has rooms added on.  The [...]

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Aug 10th, 2013 Research

Midwifery Regulation Matters

I’m updating the directory this week, a very boring task involving staring at a computer screen and writing code…….yawn. But in the midst of these updates I do more research, look for more resources and find more information about midwifery in places I don’t live…like Canada. Here in the US, midwifery is regulated at the [...]

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Refreshing an internet directory

I’m beginning the last segment of the website reconstruction – cleaning up the Natural Childbirth Directory.  This is a big task.  The directory has over 200 pages of information just about services available in the United States.  Every page has to be reformatted to the new look.  Every link has to be checked to ensure [...]

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Midwifery Evidence

I’ve been trying to be diligent at getting the website updates completed.  They must be completed before I begin classes again in the fall, or their importance will drop to the “don’t have time” category.  Ugh. It’s been an interesting journey to update the website. Some days I surprise myself with how thorough I had [...]

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Jul 8th, 2013 Paths

Being Honest about Evidence Based Care

The next piece of hypocrisy for me to tackle is the idea that my style of care is more evidence based than someone else’s idea of evidence based. I love the natural birth community for many things, evidence based care is not one of them. Much of what my community supports for birth is good, [...]

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Being Honest With Yourself

I’ve come to accept that I lie to myself, even though I could never successfully lie to anyone else.  I’ve also come to accept this is a pretty normal human condition.  It seems we lie to ourselves more often than anyone else.  I lie about how much food I eat and how healthy it is. [...]

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