While scanning through my pile of reading I found an article about Best Babies Zones in the April edition of Maternal and Child Health Journal. The concept is based on the Life Course Theory which sees development and health as an integration of life stages and the broader social context. The pilot project is currently in three communities, and the website provides information about the actions being taken by the communities to achive the goal of giving babies the best chance in life.  Check out the website to see if any of the action steps might be good matches for your community.Read More →

Do you have a social media presence as a midwife?  You may find some helpful tips in the CDCs Guide to Writing for Social Media. Inside you will find examples of how to write for the general public, how to write so others can share, and specific helps for different platforms. Enjoy!Read More →

Have you seen the new Pregnancy to Parenting app from Lamaze International? Designed as an educational tool for expectant families, the app is also allowing families to interact with Lamaze educators. Interesting concept.  If you are a Lamaze educator you can participate in training to learn how to use the app to interact with families.  I’ve been toying with the idea of teaching a few classes over the next few months while I work on my dissertation, so this new product might it easier to do that.Read More →

If you are here, I’m going to assume you are a blog reader. In continuation of our breastfeeding celebration, here is a list of blogs about breastfeeding you might enjoy. Making this list was harder than I thought.  I tried to avoid the blogs that sometimes talk about breastfeeding, but also talk about parenting, cooking, pregnancy and other issues of interest to breastfeeding families. I tried to collect blogs of international interest. I also tried to be aware of the change in blogs over the years.  Several blogs that I used to enjoy only sporadically post new content, or seem to only post reviews and contests.Read More →

August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week, and August is breastfeeding month.  Birthing Naturally is celebrating all month with blog posts all about breastfeeding. We are kicking off the month with five great links to help you celebrate. The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action hosted a photo contest in honor of World Breastfeeding Week.  Check out the winners of the contest here. The United States Breastfeeding Committee is a coalition of over 50 independent organizations to support, promote, and protect breastfeeding.  Take a look at the legislation and policy information to find how you can advocate for breastfeeding. If you are not from the United States,Read More →

Here are some updates from around the birth world… Advocacy The National Partnership for Women and Families released its report: Expecting Better: A State by State Analysis of Laws that Help New Parents. Midwives Alliance of North America released the I am a Midwife Education Campaign. Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan wrote a piece on Global Motherhood titled Delivering Joy: Midwives are the Key to a Future With Healthy Mothers and Babies. Be sure to support the “Improving Access to Maternity Care Act of 2014” Upcoming Conferences and Webinars: Check the Birth Professional Conferences Calendar for upcoming events including the Midwives AllianceRead More →

I had the extreme pleasure of landing on the Urban Village Midwife blog tonight. I was instantly connected to Sherry Payne — this is a woman whose midwife heart beats like mine. Research, disparities, increasing midwifery workforce…and she comes at it from a community health perspective. In case you are thinking this is “just” a midwifery student with big ideas, she is a woman with a productive history of advocacy and knowledge generation. She is an editor for a research journal.  She sits on the board of CIMS. This is a woman who has been active in maternal health, and is using midwifery training toRead More →

I’m beginning the last segment of the website reconstruction – cleaning up the Natural Childbirth Directory.  This is a big task.  The directory has over 200 pages of information just about services available in the United States.  Every page has to be reformatted to the new look.  Every link has to be checked to ensure it still works.  And that is what I find interesting today. Having a list of useful links on a website is like shooting an arrow at a moving target. The internet is a dynamic information source, changing daily.  A link that was helpful last week may be “broken” this week.Read More →