Breastfeeding month is coming to a close.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the multitude of resources I’ve shared over the past few weeks. To wrap up the series, today I will share links to resources of a different sort.  These links are just to make you feel good. For example, The Breastfeeding Project keeps a gallery of extreme nursing photos.Read More →

Sometimes a woman would really benefit from using a pharmaceutical — but she worries because she is breastfeeding. What is her friendly, neighborhood midwife to do?  Today’s breastfeeding list is a collection of tools to help you provide the best information to women who will use medications while breastfeeding.Read More →

How timely, Lamaze is doing a webinar next week on low milk supply.  I just had to pause and let you know about it.  Lamaze members can attend for free.  It is $20 if you are not a Lamaze member. Webinar: Low Milk Supply: Providing the Appropriate Prenatal Education & Guidance Need more information?  Check out the Webinar Flier. If you attend the webinar, let me know how it goes.Read More →

If you are here, I’m going to assume you are a blog reader. In continuation of our breastfeeding celebration, here is a list of blogs about breastfeeding you might enjoy. Making this list was harder than I thought.  I tried to avoid the blogs that sometimes talk about breastfeeding, but also talk about parenting, cooking, pregnancy and other issues of interest to breastfeeding families. I tried to collect blogs of international interest. I also tried to be aware of the change in blogs over the years.  Several blogs that I used to enjoy only sporadically post new content, or seem to only post reviews and contests.Read More →

Lactation activism is any activity that promotes, protects and supports breastfeeding and human lactation. In some circles, the term is shortened to lactivism. Do you describe yourself as a lactivist?  My answer is no.  I try not to use language that is only understood by those inside the circle. I prefer to describe any work I do in words the general public will understand.  I do know many birth workers who wear the term with pride. For those of you who answered no due to a lack of opportunity rather than semantic concerns, today I give you your opportunities.  Check out these organizations.Read More →