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I’ll see you at the AWHONN Convention

I leave for Long Beach, California later this week to attend the AWHONN Convention. If you are going and want to meet-up, send me a message on Facebook. If you are not attending AWHONN, you can also see me at the ACNM Annual Meeting or the Lamaze Conference.  

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June 2014 Highlights

Here are some updates from around the birth world… Advocacy The National Partnership for Women and Families released its report: Expecting Better: A State by State Analysis of Laws that Help New Parents. Midwives Alliance of North America released the I am a Midwife Education Campaign. Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan wrote […]

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AWHONN Convention

Today was the opening of the AWHONN Annual Convention.  This is my first time at AWHONN, so I am curious about how they do things.  So far I have found the conversations easier to start than at the ICM Congress — but remember, these are all American Nurses so we have a commonality in training, […]

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Call For Abstracts

ACNM sent out the call for Abstracts for the 60th Annual Meeting yesterday. If you are a member you should have received the email. Full details can be found at the ACNM site. If not, look for updates at the ACNM website.

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Gearing up for Conference Season

Spring is conference season for me, and every year I have to make decisions about which conferences I will attend.  How do I make those decisions?  I rank them on their ability to meet my priorities. When I first started working in the world of birth, conferences were about learning as much as possible.  Attending […]

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Midwifery Conference To Do List

This will be the last in our series on attending midwifery conferences.  Today I want to share my to-do list for conferences – the things I do before and during the conference to make sure I am ready. 1.  Know the dates and plan to spend as much time as possible I find it works […]

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Networking Mistakes at Midwifery Conferences

Remember I told you there were a few things that were not on the list of networking basics.  Here they are, and the reasons why I don’t consider them necessary. Adding everyone you meet to Facebook (or other social marketing tool) As I’ve said, I’m more of an introvert to begin with.  But even if […]

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Networking at Midwifery Conferences

I will be the first to admit that outgoing and extrovert are not words anyone might use to describe me.  Even so, there are times when I need to find the energy to connect with more people, have more conversations and invite strangers to lunch.  Midwifery Conferences are one of those times. It isn’t that […]

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Attending Conferences

I have a couple conferences come up in the next few months.  It made me think about how nervous I was about attending my first conference.  I was not sure what to expect, or how to make the best use of the time. I understood the value of the sessions.  I was eager to learn. […]

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CPM Symposium Videos

Did you know you can watch videos of some of the presentations from the CPM symposium which happened in March? They are listed here: Enjoy!

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