I was reading one of the original publications on the three delays to care in childbirth emergencies this morning, and was struck with an unpleasant thought. First, let me acquaint any readers who have not heard of them with the three delays. It is a framework for thinking about and dealing with the problems that lead to increased maternal mortality.  It has generally been applied to women living in low resource settings. The first delay is the wait time between the problem occurring and the woman or those with her recognizing there is a problem. This generally has to do with lack of education andRead More →

I am back from Nairobi, which was an amazingly eye-opening experience.  Check out the Birth in Central Africa blog for highlights and photos from the trip. I took my last final exam of the semester and will be using the next week to get the business back in order before I dive into more school work. I’ve cleaned out my twitter, rearranging the way I see my feeds.  I’ve set up charts to ensure I am posting when I think I am for the Facebook pages.  I’m even working on the finances–my least favorite job. But getting my work done has it’s advantages.  For example,Read More →

I’m reviewing the semester’s lectures today.  I need to take my final exam a week early to head for Kenya so I need to start getting ready. Honestly, I’d start getting ready anyway–it is just who I am. One of the lectures was on the topics of medical abortion and sterilization. Midwives need to be ready and able to counsel women on the full range of women’s health issues so I need to know my research even if I am not the practitioner performing a procedure. Only, midwives in some areas do have the legal right to provide some medical abortion services – generally theRead More →

I wanted to share a thought that has been brewing in my head.  But to begin with, let me share the story of a young woman whose name I don’t remember. At the invitation of a teacher in the pregnant teen program, I visited this young woman at her school.  As her teacher introduced her, she told me she was 14 weeks pregnant.  I instinctively replied, congratulations.  The young lady looked very confused, then smiled and said thank you.  As she went to sit, the teacher pulled me aside to inform me this young lady was in a very bad situation and really needed to consider all her options.Read More →

I had a very interesting conversation with a fellow student this past weekend about the causes of problems in maternal health around the world.  As we discussed this, I shared my concern that there was a general lack of respect for women in many parts of our world.  She stopped me there and challenged my thinking. “It isn’t really a lack of respect for women, because women do this to themselves. It is deeper than just a lack of respect.” I agreed.  We had discussed the issues of female family members in Chad hitting a laboring mother if she expressed pain because it meant sheRead More →