Tomorrow I am off to Nairobi to help a friend as she trains doulas. Very excited to participate, and you can follow the story at the Birth in Central Africa blog, even though Nairobi isn’t central. As part of our issues in midwifery class each student midwife had to present on a topic of current interest to midwives.  I chose the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health. I felt confident before the presentation, but 15 minutes goes fast and I’m not sure I did a good job of explaining everything.  If you are interested in global midwifery (and missed my presentation in class todayRead More →

I know I have been busy, and believe me when I say I have a long list of information I would love to be sharing on this blog.  I have been spending this summer away from home – literally.  I started by attending the ACNM conference in San Antonio, TX.  I had a week or two of class and then spent two weeks working at a Farm Worker health program coordinated through my school.  Fabulous experience, but not easy to keep up with six classes when you have been gone  three of the six weeks of classes!  July is spent in class two days a weekRead More →

I realize that not every midwife is interested in epidemiology. So I thought I would balance yesterday’s resource with a more practical, clinical resource. It is the Hesperian Foundation’s Book for Midwives. Even if you never plan to work in a developing country, this book is worth reading twice. What I find most appealing about the book is the way it teaches simple, low cost solutions to identify health problems. It also does a great job of differentiating the normal from the problem. Best of all, it is written for individuals without medical training. That makes it a great first midwifery book. When a family seeks informationRead More →

For those of you interested in global midwifery, I am excited to share a resource I just discovered (well, discovered when my professor showed us during a lecture at any rate). It is the website of the Disease Control Priorities Project, and you can see it at What can you gain from getting familiar with this website?  A wide range of information about maternal and child health needs from all over the world.  Exactly the type of evidence you might need to formulate a plan or seek funding for your plan. As a quick example, look on the right hand side of the pageRead More →