Thank you to guest mentor Patricia for sharing these thoughts. I’ve served women for 30 years as a Birth Doula. Only in the last 2 years have I become aware of the known profession. At my age I decided to challenge my brain and pursue this arena of so called expertise in childbirth. At first I was intimidated by the some-what medical side of the learning process. What I had been doing naturally was now in question as I attempted to make my way through two certification processes. It amazed me that all the previous births I had attended would not be validated by this,Read More →

Thank you to guest mentor Kalah for sharing today. The best thing you can do for a mother is to help her trust the process.  If she tells you she feels like something is wrong, listen to her.  Her instincts are one of the best tools you have.  She knows what she needs, and if she trusts herself, she can lead you in your care of her and her baby. We had one mother who told her doctor that her waters had broken and that her labor was about to start.  He brushed her off when a cervical swab failed to test positive for amnioticRead More →

Thank you to Jaimee for being our guest mentor today. I had both my kids unmedicated, one in a birth center with a CNM and one at home with a CPM, but mostly unassisted.  I think the number one thing birth professionals can do to support women is to instill in them the trust that their bodies know how to birth babies and there doesn’t need to be a prescribed method for growing babies and birthing babies.  Therefore there doesn’t need to be a bunch of interventions (including pointless prenatal tests, required fundal heights and weights, checking heart rate constantly during labor, checking dilation, directingRead More →

As you look around your community do you see unmet needs of expectant families? Do you hope more advocates for normal birth decide to serve families? Did you know you can play a role in helping future birth professionals find their path, and you don’t have to start a school or become a trainer to do that. Your role can be as simple as becoming a mentor. The mentoring concept is pretty easy, you provide a space for someone who has not yet learned the things you know to discover those very things. While the concept is easy, in practice it can be difficult toRead More →