Have you seen the new Pregnancy to Parenting app from Lamaze International? Designed as an educational tool for expectant families, the app is also allowing families to interact with Lamaze educators. Interesting concept.  If you are a Lamaze educator you can participate in training to learn how to use the app to interact with families.  I’ve been toying with the idea of teaching a few classes over the next few months while I work on my dissertation, so this new product might it easier to do that.Read More →

If you have never looked at the Natural Childbirth Directory, you should.  This portion of the website is truly a labor of love.  While the rest of the pages need little work but annual review, these pages get updated often because the links change and people submit new websites.  It takes a lot of work and is part of the reason I regularly ask myself if all the work I put into the website is worth my time. Keeping the directory gives me a chance to look at many childbirth professional websites.  I get to see what people are doing that is good, and whatRead More →

I’ve been a strong supporter of separation of personal and business on Facebook, and I still am.  Changes in Facebook algorithms have changed the way your business page works. So now I wonder, is Facebook still worth the trouble? I go back and forth on this question.  I suppose the answer is going to be very individual for each business.  For me, I am starting to lean more toward the “not worth my time” side of the equation.  Here are my concerns, and why it may not make sense for me.Read More →

One last post on internet marketing, just one last thought to share.  And that thought happens to be about what you should, and shouldn’t, share. If you are using the internet to market your birth business, you probably have a blog, facebook page and/or a twitter account.  You might also have other social media pages and accounts you use depending on how tech savvy you are, but most non-tech savvy midwives know about these three ways to interact with the internet community.  While a blog gives you a platform to share complex thoughts and ideas, Facebook and Twitter demand a very short interaction.  As aRead More →

Before we dive into the next common problem with birth business websites, I want you to think about how you find websites.  Pretend for a moment that you are going to do some infrequent home maintenance, maybe you need to repave your driveway.  How are you going to find information about professional driveway paving companies in your area? Will you start at the National Driveway Paver Association and look for a link to someone near you?  Probably not until a last resort. Will you search for a database of links to driveway pavers and look for one in your area?  You might search through a list ifRead More →

I realize that at this moment in time (having ignored my website for the better part of four years of nursing and midwifery school), I am not in any position to be a model of good internet marketing.  However, I do see a lot of birth professional websites due to the work of the Natural Childbirth Directory. I see a lot of what not to do, but I didn’t realize how confusing it could be to potential clients until my daughter started doing the directory updates for me. You see, she had questions.  The exact questions I know readers have as they check out theRead More →

I’ve just realized that over two weeks ago my husband and I had planned to mark out our travel calendar for the year; but we haven’t actually found the time to sit down and compare.  Google calendar to the rescue – all travel plans are put in there so I can see what he knows about already. So I wanted to discuss calendars again and be sure you took the time to map out your year.  Do you know what conferences you want to attend and when?  If you do not know what is available, check the conferences page at the Birthing Naturally website –Read More →

My sister is having a baby soon.  We both agree she needs a baby sling, but which one? It needed to fit her personality, be easy enough to use and be acceptable for her husband to use as well.  And really, there are so many choices.  Were do we begin? We began by deciding any mass produced or marketed sling wouldn’t do.  Her sling needed to display her personality.  So we jumped on the phone (we live 1000 miles apart) and searched online for the perfect fabric. It is soft, colorful and has images of the members of the Beatles throughout. You see, my sister adores theRead More →

This is another recycled post from the accidentally deleted blog.  I wanted to re-share it because I think it is very important to really think about the messages you send and why you are sending them. I have quite a few birth-interested Facebook friends, so I see quite a few articles on my newsfeed.  Often I see the same article several times throughout the day as the article makes the rounds. Usually these are articles that are encouraging, uplifting or are seen as more support for the poster’s positions.  More often, articles are posted out of anger, frustration or the desire to punish the authorRead More →

I hope that by now you have your website, a Facebook account and a Twitter account, and anyone who finds one should be able to find the others because you have linked them.  Now the question is, how do you get people signed up for them? First, be sure to include the information about your services on all your print materials. This ensures everyone you meet has access. Keep your business cards with you so you are always ready to share no matter where you meet someone. Secondly, be sure to add your website to any listings.  Start with the Natural Childbirth Directory and thenRead More →