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Facebook for Birth Businesses

This is a repost from the old “opps I deleted everything” blog.  Hope it helps you create a Facebook presence that works for you. I have quite a few Facebook relationships with birth activists, doulas, childbirth educators, midwives and the like.  Some of them, in my opinion, handle the strange linking of business and pleasure […]

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Websites for Birth Businesses

I thought I might spend a bit of time this week talking about marketing skills.  So marketing 101 – there are two ways to get a customer/client.  You can either make someone you meet want what you have to sell.  Or you can help someone who wants the product you sell find you.  I am […]

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Social Networking

As I was looking up the other posts to share with you this week, I found this one on social networking.  I thought it might be useful for those of you inspired to start scheduling interactions with readers and fans. I’ve been thinking since my last post about my Facebook account and other social networking. […]

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