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AIDS, Birth and Women

One of the women in the doula training works at a regional AIDS treatment center. I have recently accepted that I need to devote more of my education time to AIDS, and since I have spent the last month reading The Band Played On for my public health school orientation, I was delighted to talk […]


Different Worlds

Yesterday, I ended the blog with a cliché I have grown to hate. In contrast to that statement, the women in this doula training do not live in a different world from me. As difficult as it may be to accept, we live on the same rock with the same finite resources.  It was simply […]

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Making History

This morning we opened the first ever DONA doula training on the African continent. I must admit, I hadn’t considered the historical significance of that before our host announced it. Actually, I hadn’t realized it. While Tammy has been a DONA trainer for five years, I let my doula certification lapse last year because it […]

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Hospital Visit

Today we visited the labor and delivery floors at a private hospital with a midwife. You can view all the photos if you like. Did you notice I say the L&D floors – as in plural?  The private hospital has two pay levels for birth.  You can have a private room or a semi-private.  A […]

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The Doula Movement

We have been able to spend a bit of time over the last few days with a doula right here in Nairobi. She is an American who has lived in Kenya for over ten years. The conversation has been both entertaining and enlightening. It seems the doulas of Nairobi have the impression that the doula […]

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Baggage has arrived

We spent Sunday morning at a local Masai market–a staple for visitors to Nairobi, lunched with a new friend and then headed to the airport. One of our bags had been left behind in Amsterdam, and our efforts to contact the airline to locate the bag had been fruitless. At the advice of a friend, […]

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Touring Nairobi

We spent some time today enjoying a few local tourism spots at the Nairobi national park.  We visited the elephant orphanage and a giraffe sanctuary.  So fun to see the animals up close and to learn about the ways Kenya is trying to preserve the wild-life.  We took lots of pictures, and I got sunburned. […]

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Our Arrival

It took a few days, but we made it to Nairobi. We are rested, and settled into our lodgings. We were able to meet the two local women who did the work to arrange the training and our trip. One is a midwife, the other is a US citizen, 10 year resident of Nairobi. Both […]

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Packed and Ready

Less than 24 hours to take off.  I think everything is packed.  I have class tomorrow then off to the airport to meet Tammy. I’m still trying to decide what carry on bag to take and how to bring my camera.  We seem to have gotten the nervousness out of our systems, and I’m starting […]

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Before our trip to Nayngezi in 2008 I had very romantic ideas about what it would be like to “help” the people of Africa.  I understood the major differences between the regions and I knew I wasn’t going on safari.  I realized there would be no birthing in huts and that despite what you see […]

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